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"Sticky Bloom" Traps for Whitefly and Greenfly
Product Code: PC1001

Double sided adhesive flower petals stop whitefly and greenfly in their tracks!

In the protected confines of houses and greenhouses, whitefly and greenfly can reproduce all year round. "Sticky Bloom" is an environmentally friendly solution for managing green and whitefly pests. 

These insects have been proven to be attracted to the bright colours such as the vibrant yellow of the "sticky blooms." Each bloom is coated with a special non-drying adhesive controlling the level of infestation. All white fly species carry plant disease viruses and it is this that causes damage to valuable plants as the virus is introduced by the feeding flies.

All you need to do to protect your plants is place the plastic stem holders in your flower pot, peel off the protective film of the "blooms," insert them in to the stem holders and replace as required.

Pack includes 6 plastic stems and 25 sticky petals.

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