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Shocka® Slug and Snail Barrier
Product Code: FAR02/FAR03

Protect your plants from damage caused by slugs and snails with Shocka®, a unique copper coated fabric that acts as a barrier to these nuisance pests!  Passing over materials containing copper causes slugs and snails a discomfort similar to silver/tin foil on amalgam fillings in the mouth!  The fabric can be placed under plant pots, around individual plants and along plant rows ensuring that your plants remain intact!

In most cases, snails avoid the fabric altogether but if they do decide to be brave and venture onto the fabric, they become disorientated and either move off the fabric or remain on it with very little movement. Shocka® does not kill slugs and snails but rather creates a barrier between them and the plant.  The fabric can be re-used as it will last more than one season and best of all, your plants are protected without the use of potentially harmful pesticides and slug pellets!


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