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FlyTrap 10K
FlyTrap 10K FlyTrap 10K FlyTrap 10K FlyTrap 10K
FlyTrap 10K
Product Code: PC1000

Having trouble with flies and maggots in your wheelie bins? Lure flies away from your bins with FlyTrap 10k!

Wheelie bins provide the ideal conditions for flies to thrive, particularly in the summer and can create a new generation often before your bin is due for emptying (7-10 days).  A female fly can lay as many as 500 eggs in a few days and the resulting maggots develop into flies and so the cycle continues.

FlyTrap 10K is a powerful, effective attractant which lures flies away from your bins! Simply add water to the bag, hang the FlyTrap on the back of your wheelie bin or away from any areas you wish to protect and watch as the flies are drawn into the bag!  The lure powder is plant based and non-toxic, contained in a water soluble sachet. Once activated, it can attract and trap as many as 10,000 flies in one unit putting a stop to the breeding cycle. When the bag is full or the lure is no longer effective, simply re-screw the lid and place in the bin!

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