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Drought Guard Crystals
Product Code: JRM01

Drought Guard is not like multi-use polymers that were developed for other industries. Drought Guard is potassium based and specifically designed for the horticultural and agricultural industry.  When used according to application rates, Drought Guard can reduce the need for watering frequency by approximately 50% and lasts for 3-5 years in the soil!

Just place 1 level dessert spoon (about 10gm) of the crystals in a bucket, add 1 gallon (4.5L) of tap water and allow 30 minutes for the crystals to "swell" as they soak up the water. Finally, add equal parts of the crystals to soil or commercial compost.

Drought Guard reduces transplanting shock, plant stress, increases soil aeration and is a cost effective solution for your plants watering needs.


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